VIVID ZERO teams up with Showtime PPV Boxing and Jake Paul for a boxing promo unlike any other.

VIVID ZERO came up with the holographic concept in which we create a world where Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley could actually fight each other inside a futuristic boxing simulator. After Jake and Tyron step up to an interactive interface and select each other, our epic bout begins.

We coordinated the fight sequence and shot each boxer fighting a green screen opponent. We then shot Jake and Tyron separately with a Cobra – a high-end motion controlled, robotic arm shooting 1,000 frames per second. The arm speeds around the fighters in an instance to capture the dynamic movement, beautiful elegance, and violent power.

In special effects, we painted out the green screen fighter and brought the boxers face-to-face and let the digital sparks fly as each connected a knockout punch on a beautifully crafted holographic opponent.

We also edited the :60 music video to round out the campaign.

VIVID ZERO produced, designed, edited, and did the VFX for the large-scale shoot. Showtime’s senior creative director Jason Mammen directed, along with the support of our director of photography, Crash, Line producer and AD Moshe Lazurus, VFX super Juan Delcan, CD Albert Romero, Designer Joseph Kiely, Editors Peter Leferve and Jason Pauley, animators Mike Cahill, David Huang and Joe Lilli, graphics producers Jacki Pass and Andrew Maercklein, and Showtime’s Andrew Rizzi, Diane Johnson, and Tara Canelos. Our agency came together with Showtime’s creative and production teams to help organize, develop, and execute this beautiful, unique, and innovative campaign. A true collaboration that we are all extremely proud of.