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We start at zero. We strip away everything, then seek the rare, wildly authentic and essentially vivid in all of our work.
We create and innovate through collaboration, artistry and truth.
We are a nimble, skillful collective harnessing the power of design and storytelling to discover and deliver unique, impactful, and authentic messaging.
We redefine spaces and reshape perceptions…it’s our thing.
We believe in true collaboration, where creatives first listen… then explore, discover, develop, design, write, shoot, edit, respond and have the courage to challenge ourselves to reimagine everything.
We embrace the art of humanity and originality.
We seek to explore the true potential of brands.
We innovate with purpose.
We stand tall. Challenge us.
SmithGeiger is a customer-oriented, full-service premium insights and strategy firm, with several locations across the country.
We design custom innovative research approaches, and extract significant insights to guide our clients’ most important business decisions. Founded in 2001, we continue to foster and grow strong partnerships with leading media, entertainment, sports, technology, financial, and non-profit organizations.
We don’t consider them clients as much as partners, because we’re equally invested in their success. Today, SmithGeiger is composed of a multidisciplinary leadership team of social and data scientists, media managers, journalists, statisticians, psychologists, and now…
Our full service, creative agency, SmithGeigerVIVID ZERO.
01. Austin, TX
02. Denver, CO
03. Los Angeles, CA
04. Minneapolis, MN
05. Nashville, TN
06. New York, NY
07. San Francisco, CA
08. Seattle, WA