Vivid Zero brands EV motor company Harbinger. Launched at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Vivid Zero helped to set a name and a distinct brand identity that would stand above the rest for the EV start-up. Harbinger is dedicated to bringing electrification to every segment of the commercial vehicle industry, and Vivid Zero was dedicated to making impact with their brand identity, website, social toolkit and creating a logo and icon that could extend to their experiential design for the booth at the auto show.

THE ICON: The icon was designed to give flight to Harbinger and own the positive side of the name…like the harbingers of spring that return to signify a season has begun. We designed this modern icon to include the H of Harbinger. We also added a graphic element to the top of the H that brought in a nod to the engineering component of the hairpin technology… a crucial component that drives EV.

And a robust brand color palette was created for maximum effect and versatility.

EVOLUTION OF THE ICON: Our sculpting passes help to refine this icon and find the beautiful resolve that was waiting for us. We paired this nicely with a logo word mark and brand typography system that helped set the foundation for the identity, complete with 2D logo animation.

3D Animation of their chassis, drive train and battery system were created to showcase their technology on the website.

Vivid Zero designed and executed the website to help tell the complete Harbinger story.

BRAND IDENTITY SYSTEM: The brand identity system played well into a stationery package.

DETROIT AUTO SHOW: Harbinger took full advantage of the brand identity and van wrap that Vivid Zero designed to make a splash at the event. Our social posts and social toolkit helped launch the new player in the EV space.