When ABC 7NY asked VIVID ZERO to shoot their helicopter aerials, we jumped at the opportunity. Vivid Zero developed a shot list to take advantage of the greatest city in the world and showcase the ABC 7 Eyewitness News coverage from above and on ground level. We shot their helicopter and news van crossing multiple bridges with a variety of angles, all with coordinated coverage of our air and ground film teams. Then focused on helicopter to helicopter moves and hero footage of the New York skyline.

Vivid Zero teamed up with Gotham Films for the aerials and we honed our flight plan. Planning for weather in our window, we found the optimal day for shooting and took off at sunrise. We worked the morning sun on the east side of Manhattan, shooting all morning until we needed to reload and refuel. Then we landed and waited for the sun to get lower in the sky in the late afternoon and worked the west side of Manhattan until sunset.

All of our live-action shoots are a memorable experience, but this one will always standout for us.

After we shot the footage for ABC 7 NY, they cut this great :30 and asked Vivid Zero to do the design and animation.