When in need something really vivid…NBC Uni knows where to go. We really enjoyed working on the key art for The Kelly Clarkson Show. Her fun personality explodes in a colorful, fresh way, as her vivacious energy emanates from her. One of our long-time friends, Brian Bowen Smith, was the photographer who gave us some amazing imagery to work with. We executed the campaign for print, outdoor and a few experiential elements.

With Kelly and her show moving to NEW YORK this season, we created a New York version of the art that uses the circles for SHOW. This pays homage to the NYC Subway design. We’re designers, so we geek out on that stuff. And we love that our friends at NBC Uni loved to geek out on that stuff too.

We also created the animated loop for the show’s stage to really help tie the campaign to the set and reinforce the Kelly brand.