Vivid Zero teams up again with Showtime PPV Boxing and Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions on this epic match up of Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva. Owning his “bad-boy” persona, we leaned into the Scarface world of Tony Montana. The Al Pacino soundbite, look-a-like set, movie poster graphics and even the sound track all worked to help set the stage for “the most talked-about” fight of the year.

Vivid Zero produced and directed the live-action shoot, cut the editorial, designed and animated the graphics, and executed the full campaign, including social and digital spots.

These behind-the-scene pics and clips help give a sense of the energy created on set.

Embracing the Scarface theme developed with the team at Showtime, Vivid Zero also created these animation Italian-style posters of the original Scarface poster.

Below are some of the design frames from our original exploration.