VIVID ZERO created several brand films for Headspace to showcase the many experiences Headspace has to offer.

We began with concepts and scripts, then designed and animated two brand films, and finished them with sound design.

After going through a brand overhaul that simplified their look and moved them away from their previous animation style, Headspace approached VIVID ZERO to explore what the next stage of their brand films could evolve into. We aligned our thinking and focused on their new logo: a simplified circle, personified as DOT. We then cast her as the central character in the films and exploited the simplicity of the new brand look while injecting DOT with tons of personality. As we continued to further develop the brand, we drove to create stories and scenes that recreated their exercises and experiences in short, useable samples to showcase the popular app’s offerings.

VIVID ZERO has proven to be an excellent partner. With incredibly talented creatives who brought fresh ideas, beautifully-delivered work, and effective collaboration at every step, they went above and beyond to make sure we were excited and satisfied with our final product. I look forward to continuing our relationship and working with them again and again!” – Tarika Khan // Content Director, Headspace

SLEEP starts with a brand set up, then drifts away into a brief tour of what their SLEEPCAST SESSIONS are like. In return, viewers are given the opportunity to sample these exercises several times and experience the main benefits of Headspace. Our goal was to establish brand engagement, followed by acquisition through repetition. So just try and stay awake through this one…”Wait, what?”
That’s right. this is VIVID ZERO‘s first time creating content where we actively attempt to get our viewers soooo relaxed… that SLEEP is well within reach.
Sweet dreams!
We created a mini MOVE workout session that introduces MOVE as a typography-based character, to play the role of our physical trainer. DOT plays the reluctant-at-first pupil, who quickly catches on and begins to find her rhythm as the workout progresses. The goal was to give viewers content that they could engage with to get up and get MOVING.
You may not break a sweat, but it will certainly help jump start your body and set you on a healthy path.