VIVID ZERO teams up with America’s Most Wanted to help revamp and modernize the iconic series with a fresh new look and logo. We redesigned the logo, designed and animated the main title opening sequence, and delivered a robust navigation package that helps the series storytelling, communication and viewer engagement.

John Ferrecane EP of America’s Most Wanted says “VIVID ZERO always elevates and goes above and beyond what’s asked of them. I am so happy to have worked with Michael and his team on developing the design language and feel for the all new AMW on Fox. My experience with VIVID ZERO on building the new look for the all new AMW was fantastic. VIVID ZERO is no doubt America’s Most Wanted design agency!”

VIVID ZERO redesigns the iconic logo, giving it a modern icon and a short hand with the AMW initials.

We created AMW Wanted Posters along with lower thirds, bugs, interstitials, transitions, editorial design elements, and loopable backgrounds to help round out the robust series package.